Cast Iron Brake Block

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Name Cast Iron Brake Block
ApplicationsHeavy Duty Truck.Train.Bus,Automobile,petroleum drilling machine;
Locomotive Parts for Passenger train or Cargo train.
The Speed: ≤120km/h
MaterialCast iron HT200
Braking Force1. High friction 
2. Low friction
Service LIfe>12,000km (Note: it must be replaced after 12,000 Km)
Surface Treatment1. Plain oiled
2. Painting

Railway Brake Block are used on the cars of railway trains to enable deceleration, control acceleration (downhill) or to keep them standing when parked. While the basic principle is familiar from road vehicle usage, operational features are more complex because of the need to control multiple linked carriages and to be effective on vehicles left without a prime mover. Clasp brakes are one type of brakes historically used on trains.

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