Rail Joint Bars

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1. AREMA standard Rail joint Bars


Diameter of holes / length

115RE55#4; 6;1.1875'' / 914.4mmAREMA
132RE55#4; 6;1.3125''/ 914.4mmAREMA
136RE55#4; 6;1.3125''/ 914.4mmAREMA

2. UIC Standard Rail Joint Bars

U79UIC 54 Rail Grade 7004; 6;UIC 864
U85UIC 60 Rail Grade 7004; 6;UIC 864

3. BS Standard Rail Joint Bars

BS75RGrade 70046.56 kg/pcs BS 47-1
BS60AGrade 70045.61 kg/pcs BS 47-1
BS80AGrade 70046.5 kg/pcsBS 47-1
BS90AGrade 700413.23 kg/pcsBS 47-1
BS100AGrade 700419.96 kg/pcsBS 47-1

Rail Joint Bars are to connect the end of two rails, and reduce the impact of wheels to the jointing sections of the rail tracks and increase the continuity and steadiness of the train when it pass through the jointing sections.

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