Celebrate the New Year

Jan 08, 2018

A dream to fly in the year of the dog, to inspire the people to move forward;

A kind of happiness in the year of the dog, let us begin a new journey!!!

At this point a new day, New Year hebei xin billion fasteners co., LTD to all employees in the past year hard express our heartfelt thanks to you for pay, and in the most sincere New Year greetings and highest respect.

Looking back, 2017 xin company has achieved impressive performance, of company every quality over the wisdom of all staff, sweat and dedication, fully show the billion xin person entrepreneurial spirit and work style, practice of employee and enterprise harmonious progress!

In 2018, the company will maintain a healthy, stable and sustainable development momentum.

In 2018, the company will continue to expand the market development space, put the talent strategy in a more important position at the same time, efforts to introduce more skilled workers and provide wider development stage, and inject new vitality for the development of the company!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking ahead to 2018 goals and development plans, xin million people firmly believe that: the New Year, new hope, through the joint efforts of all staff, billion xin company can achieve new flying over, the new brilliance!

All employees work together sincerely and conscientiously, writing a new chapter of the company's development!

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