SKL Rail Fastening System

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Part NamePcs / Set TypesMaterial
SKL Tension Clip2SKL1, SKL3, SKL12, SKL1460Si2MnA / 60Si2CrA  / 38Si7
Ss35 Screw Spike2


M24 ×160mm


Grade 4.6: Q235

Grade 5.6: 35# 

Grade 8.8: 45#
Flat Washer2Uls7Q235
Plastic Dowel 2For different sizes of screw spikeHDPE or Reinforced Nylon 66
Rail Pad1For UIC54, UIC60, 50kg rail, 60kg railHDPE / Rubber / EVA
Guide Plate2For UIC54, UIC60, 50kg rail, 60kg railReinforced Nylon 66


1. Making installation easier, faster and therefore less expensive;

2. The rail pads improve travelling comfort and the life cycle of track components;

3. The system is also suitable for high speed traffic at speeds up to 320 km/h.

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